Changing of the guard

Changing of the guard

Today was my first day at work. Before going to my office I was to go to the Head Office building to meet the General Manager. Because it was my first day at work we were asked to arrive 20 minutes early (8:20, remember start time is 8:40) by the GTRP. For good measure I arrived at 8:15. My contact arrived 25 minutes later at 8:40. Damn!!!!!

At precisely 9 am a chime goes on the intercom, everyone stands and then a jingle is played on the intercom. The company motto perhaps? I don’t know, it is in Japanese. Then there is a line of people waiting to go into the GMs program. Apparently it is a little ceremony for people who are changing position or being rotated (in Japan people tend to get rotated through different departments to get experience in all areas).

Changing of the seat

So, first day at the office is fine. Everyone is nice and friendly, helpful and I am working away when it comes to 5:10pm, finishing time. All of a sudden everyone stands up and starts moving their monitors and VDI boxes all in synchronisation. I find out today is also seat moving day for my department. But I am still not sure why they are moving all there VDIs and screens as VDIs allow you to sit anywhere and have the same computer. Very strange.


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